Most of all, please know how much Newsboys appreciate the sacrifices of all first responders. Leaving your families to keep our communities safe is something we admire greatly. It especially hit home last year with all the officers killed on duty, and Dallas seemed to emphasize the extreme danger you face. God put it on our hearts to do something to say thank you, so we offered tickets to our concerts, but most of all, we honor first responders from the stage to remind everyone there how noble and sacrificial you are. After the horror of 9-11, Newsboys made our first effort to help first responders, partnering with Salvation Army to raise money for the families of first responders killed on that terrible day. 

Our prayer is that our Lord will protect you and keep you and your families safe, that he will provide for your needs both physical and material. We hope you will know our admiration and love for you each day. We pray that Jesus our Great Shepherd will walk by your side in dangerous places and will hold you up with His mighty hands. 



Letters From The Community

Dear Men and Women in Blue,  I want to take this time to say how much I appreciate you! I have met several law enforcement officials over the last couple of months. You are a special bunch of people! You go through so much. There are so many things we couldn’t begin to understand about what you do and see each day. You and your family make sacrifices for us all of the time. It’s time to acknowledge and THANK YOU for what you do for us and the community.


Keep the faith and know we are behind you. Sincerely,




To ALL the Men and Women who put their life on the line daily in law enforcement, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For all you do to keep us safe. The service and dedication required to be in law enforcement these days is incredible. You people are awesome!  I pray for you and your families' protection. You deserve respect and  honor. You have mine.